HarlowBadgerGroup Discovering the world of the badger People living in Harlow   80,000 Badgers living in Harlow UNKNOWN! Essex Badger Hotline 07751 572 175 Angel..............A badger’s perspective (Page 1 of 4) Monday 27th June. Here I am 5.30 pm minding my own business, wandering around the Moorhen pub and car park in Harlow on one of the hottest days of the year.  I was hungry and dehydrated. I had already checked the rubbish bins at the back of the pub for food these were too high to climb. I fancied a nice cold drink; a Badger Beer would be nice. They refused to serve me, too young. Huh! Lots of people were sitting around tables by the River Stort. I ambled over towards them thinking they might drop some food on the grass for me. I noticed a pair of flip flop’s a lady was wearing.  They looked edible.  Had a nibble, not nice, bit fishy to me!! I don’t think the lady liked me very much after that? Quick exit and I returned to my wandering up and down the river.  I noticed a ladder leading onto a narrow boat, I climbed aboard, anticipating a world cruise with all the food and drinks for the taking; I waited and waited.  The captain did not show up! I left the boat and took a stroll into the undergrowth to see if the ground was soft enough to dig for some worms.  All of a sudden, there’s this bloke standing in front of me with a big black cage and wearing thick blue gloves and a yellow jacket. I’m off!  I crossed the road and slipped into a field that had just been cut for hay.  Next thing; this guy is running along-side of me! I dived into the undergrowth and under a fallen tree, safe now; he can’t get to me. He was not very fit, puffing and blowing; he gave up and headed back to the car park.  After a short time had passed, I headed back to the car park. Next thing, someone shouts out; “badger is on the road heading into the car park.”  I headed towards some parked cars to hide under them, trouble was, the gap under the cars, were large enough for someone to grab hold of me! I spotted a sporty type car, very low, just inches off the ground. I took a chance, and ran under it; I poked my nose out a little to see if the coast was clear to the next car. My view was blocked by some wire mesh with an opening. I decided to check it out and moved into the entrance. Next thing I knew, I was being prodded on my rump, it made me jump and I landed up inside that black cage and the door shutting behind me. He tricked me, I’m trapped!