HarlowBadgerGroup Discovering the world of the badger People living in Harlow   80,000 Badgers living in Harlow UNKNOWN! Essex Badger Hotline 07751 572 175 Angel..............A badger’s perspective (Page 2 of 4)  Next thing, the cage was lifted into a big green monster that had a badger painting on the back.  On reflection; it was like I was looking into a mirror image of myself, nice… The back door was left open to keep me cool, which was considerate of him. Watching all this action were people wanting to take pictures of me, they had never seen a badger before? A particular lady was watching me and as it turned out, she was the one who grassed on me to the Badger Hotline! The lady brought her pretty little daughter to come and see me, her name is Angel. “That’s a nice name,” the guy said, “how about calling the badger cub (that’s me) Angel?” Even though he did not have a clue as to my sex! I am a girl by the way. Right, we are off to my temporary home in pen 1 in Little Hallingbury. On arrival, I was put into a Sky cage with lots of hay for a bed and at last, supplied with lots of food and water.  The next morning, I woke up, having my picture taken.  My carer noticed some pus oozing around my ears and was concerned. He arranged an appointment at the Bishop’s Stortford Veterinary Hospital the next day. The vet discovered lots of small ticks behind both ears, I was wondering where the ticking noise was coming from.  Lots of fleas on me, Sara at Secret World calls them; the badger’s friends rather than saying fleas. Anyway, these friends were not welcome in my fur, making me itch. The kind vet Alison prescribed a 5 day course of SYNULUX 50MG tablets to be taken in food twice per day for my ear infections.  My so called friends, along with the ticks, would be taken care of by the Frontline treatment squirted onto the skin on the back of my neck, note, as I am a very small badger, due to a late birth; the dose was reduced to the amount you would give a small cat.