HarlowBadgerGroup Discovering the world of the badger People living in Harlow   80,000 Badgers living in Harlow UNKNOWN! Essex Badger Hotline 07751 572 175 She would allow me to pick up the fallen food from her mouth and wipe her face with a moist wipe and not attempt to bite me.  She allowed me to pick her up to change her bedding.  I have also experienced the latter with all the recovering badgers I have had here. Mind you, you can’t afford to be complacent, as was to be the case with Karine when she was caught off guard and Cristal bit her finger.  Now, that’s what I call, a painful initiation. Ouch! Observations showed her getting out of the Sky Kennel and moving around the rest of the pen, but there was a problem; she was not using her front legs.  I decided to put her on the grass in my garden and video her.  She could not use her front legs and what she was doing was using the power of the back legs to propel forward!  I arranged to re-visit the vets with Cristal.  After some discussion on what might be the problem, I decided to contact Pauline Kidner at Secret World and arranged to take Cristal along with Angel the badger cub, down to S/W as I knew they would do everything they could for her. X-rays on Cristal revealed she had multiple breaks in the shoulder (Scapular) and many fractures to both front legs. Because of the severe nature of these injuries, Cristal had to be put to sleep whilst she was sedated.  The vets said they have never seen such injuries like this in a badger. I can only assume that the badger had been run over by the front and back wheels of the car. The nerves around the shoulders and the front legs must have been severely damaged and that's why she did not cry out with pain during my picking her up and all the time she was with me! I was devastated receiving this sad news from Sara at S/W, as was Barry Samms who found her.   I can never get used to losing an animal that one has formed a close contact with. They seem to trust you to get them through.  Those of our members that came to visit Cristal (and Angel); will feel the same I am sure.  She was a lovely badger, as they all are.  Between our three local badger groups she will be just one of the 100+ RTA's of badgers we have dealt with that have been knocked down and killed on our local roads.  The other remaining groups in Essex will have many more! Finally, as a closure on CristaI; I know full well, that the staff and vets at Secret World would have done all they could to save this badger, as they do with all the wildlife they have in. They have my thanks for trying. Cristal (cont)