HarlowBadgerGroup Discovering the world of the badger People living in Harlow   80,000 Badgers living in Harlow UNKNOWN! Parsley (Rescued: March 2011) At 1am on 24th March 2011, Derek Barry received a call of an injured badger at Parsloe Rd Harlow.   Upon arrival it was established that the badger a sow, was approximately 18 months old. A local man, named Andy, spotted it in the middle of the road and thought it was a cat. He discovered it was still breathing and with some caution, (he knew badgers can bite) lifted it, to the verge and covered it with his coat to keep it warm. He then contacted the Harlow Police, who intern contacted the Badger Hotline who rang us. When Derek arrived, the police were on site with lights flashing.  Had Andy, not moved the badger from the middle of the road, the next car along, would have run it over and killed it!   Right, back to this badger..It was 2am by the time Derek got this badger home and checked the head wound a nasty cut. He bathed the wound with saline solution.  The badger was in shock and breathing heavily. Derek still had some medication left over from another rescue, who also had head trauma. Derek managed to get some into the badgers tightly clamped jaw, by using a syringe and decided to keep her in the warmth of his kitchen, rather than out in the pen. Derek was not sure, what to expect later that morning, would she still be alive? To his relief, she was.   Derek phoned the local vet at Bishop's Stortford and arranged to get her over by 9 am. They were ready for him. The badger showed some improvements with breathing and allowed us to handle her. Derek did, however, wear his gloves, just in case!.. Once bitten twice shy! The vet checked her all over. No broken bones detected. Suspected a lot of bruising and would be sore. The badger was bright eyed and watched our every move and would lift it's head a little, no more than that..   Further medication was provided by the vet and Derek set off, back home. Derek decided to leave her in the back of the Land Rover whilst he cleaned and disinfected the pen and made ready.  Parsley, as she was named by a member of the Harlow Badger Group, was released back into the wild on 30th March 2011, having made a great recovery from her injuries Rescue Stories........ Click on the icons below to view recovery and release activity. Important Note: Please remember, whilst you may have a badger’s interest at heart, at no time should you take a badger into your own home.  When frightened or in pain, they can turn around without warning and give you a nasty bite. If you find an injured badger, ALWAYS call the Badger Hotline or your local Police for help. Essex Badger Hotline 07751 572 175