HarlowBadgerGroup Discovering the world of the badger People living in Harlow   80,000 Badgers living in Harlow UNKNOWN! Rescue Stories........ Roody (Rescued: June 2010) Roody was only six weeks old when he was found by a farmer in Ashdon, Saffron Walden, in the heat of the day on a Sunday afternoon dehydrated walking round a tree. Shortly after being rescued the little cub began to respond well to the rehydration treatment, and the special food sent by express post from Pauline Kidner at Secret World. Being in the catchment area of the Ulltersford Badger Group, Roody was being looked after by Derek Barry who is an active member of said group, until he was strong enough to join others of his age at Secret World in Somerset. After a fortnight of tender loving care, Roody was strong enough to take the long journey to Secret World to be with those of his own kind and age. Important Note: Please remember, whilst you may have a badger’s interest at heart, at no time should you take a badger into your own home.  When frightened or in pain, they can turn around without warning and give you a nasty bite. If you find an injured badger, ALWAYS call the Badger Hotline or your local Police for help. Essex Badger Hotline 07751 572 175